Certificato Agreement Tir

Boris Blanche, Chief Operating Officer of the IRU, adds: „The IRU`s enthusiasm to contribute in the long term to the modernisation of the TIR procedure and the decision to participate financially in the necessary investments at UNECE level for the implementation of TIR digitisation are now underlined by the signing of these two important agreements.“ On 6 October, the IRU and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) sign agreements on the digitisation of Customs transit under the TIR Convention to promote international traffic and trade by improving the efficiency and security of Customs procedures by improving data management. Reinforced by an ongoing programme of regional workshops, which highlight the considerable benefits of real-time data availability, online monitoring and improved reliability, the full digitization of TIR is getting closer and closer. Issuance of TIR Carnets, transport guarantee under THE TIR, granting access to the TIR system to transport operators in cooperation with national authorities. IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto comments: „We look forward to a strengthened partnership with unece for the development and modernisation of the TIR system in order to improve trade and boost economic growth, with new eTIR pilot projects and regular coordination of the use of digital transport instruments, customs and transit“. IRU manages the international TIR guarantee chain, distributes TIR guarantees through its affiliates. .

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