Segment Data Processing Agreement

1.1. Overview. The segment login service serves as a central reference point for customer data, which allows the customer to collect customer data from selected sources(„sources“), such as. B as its own website or its third-party or third-party features, and send customer data to the targets chosen by the customer. B („targets“), such as customer databases or accounts containing third-party applications or services, for future use by the customer. Supported sources and targets are identified in the documentation. For customer-owned or customer-controlled sources („customer characteristics“), the customer collects customer data by implementing JavaScript, SDK or any other segment code („segment code“) on such customer characteristics. As noted below and in the documentation, the customer retains control over the sources and destinations they use with the Services, as well as the nature and content of the customer`s data that they share between their sources and destinations. In addition, we may be required to disclose all personal data we process in response to legal requests from the authorities, including compliance with national security and enforcement requirements.

1. „Customer data“: any data that Salespanel and/or its subprocessors process on behalf of the customer in connection with the provision of services under the agreement; 8.2 Corporate personal data transfers from a subprocessor to the contract subprocessor or between two subprocessor branches, in all cases, where such transmission would be prohibited by data protection legislation (or by the terms of data transfer agreements introduced for the establishment of data protection restrictions). Select deletion requirements to prevent user data from being sent to segment and cloud targets. We ask you not to share sensitive personal data with us (for example. B, social security numbers, information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, biometrics or genetic characteristics, criminal history or union affiliation) on or through the service or other means. If you do so in spite of everything, you must consent to the processing and use of this sensitive personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 6.2. A list of segment subprocessors, including their functions and storage locations, is available on or another website that can determine the segment („subprocessing page“) and can be updated from time to time according to the terms of this addition by segment. Quick Infringement Notifications: In accordance with our current policies, Segment will notify you immediately of incidents involving your users` personal data. 2010 Standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data from the Community to third countries (Contract Transfer Controllers) Here are initiatives that Segment is committed to as one of your data processors: 6.4 Alternative Transmission Mechanism.

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