Rent Agreement As Address Proof For Vehicle Registration

I would like to buy a car in Uttar pradesh and sign up in uttar pradesh. but after 5 years, I moved to Delhi, my registration is valid for Delhi? pl confirm the rules when the vehicle is in another state to be permanent. I live in the apt apartment in Pune. For Pune RTO, I had to make a statement about where I lived. Hello, I plan to buy a car in UP-Aligarh, where like all my IDs are from Bihar, but I own an apartment in Aligarh in my name. But the trader insists on having an identity card (ADHAR) with only the Aligarh address or registration will be a problem. Please advise you. Sabbir Ahmad I have already done what is mentioned in this thread. Go to e-seva kendra and gave a sworn statement on my address, etc.

I have a lease that was duly signed by the notary. >> For Tenants Lease Agreement, Police check and proof of address of the home owner>> For owners Index II, Phone bill, Electricity bill, Account debit (all)>> Aadhaar Card Support Documents, Electoral Card, Passport Unfortunately, you need a registered agreement or other state-recognized document (ration card, passport) on your name with the address you intend to register. All you need is an affidavit for your rental address as well as a valid rental agreement and the last electricity bill/phone bill, etc. for the address you are at. We plan to buy a car in Ghaziabad and we live here in a rented apartment. Do you have to pay a registration fee when you rent? If so, how much? The individual buyer can check in at the RTO office, which is procedure. I`m buying a new car to finance it. The financiers and traders made me sign Form 34. Signing in the two forms that are different, is it going to make a difference? We only have proof of address for car registration as follows.adhaar copy card, bank passport, private health insurance certificate, letter allowance – renata agreement – police verification, but no elec. Bill in the name of the owner of what is valid in these documents in rato Gujarat. For a rental agreement to be a valid proof of residence, you must register it. It is on the recorded agreement that sworn insurance works.

It`s a big headache, but unfortunately it`s like it works and yes, registration costs about 4-5k We are currently in Mumbai in a rented apartment.

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