Aeso Sas Agreement

To award your contract for access to the system to another legal entity, you must enter into an award, acquisition and innovation agreement. To continue, send an email to Commercial Services at To request a copy of the AIES card contact, questions or details about what is recorded on this page, to your project manager or to A connection project requires new or modified transmission equipment created by the designated TFO after receiving official permissions. The project may require a new or modified SAS agreement. A btF project requires a market player to modify its existing facilities connected to the transmission network, which means that the operator must provide data to ISO in accordance with Section 502.15 of ISO regulations. The project may come from new market players, modified or disused. There is no need to modify the transmission equipment, but the project may require a new or modified SAS agreement. A proposed change in contractual capacity amends or terminates an existing SAS agreement. There is no need to modify the operator`s existing transport equipment or facilities connected to the transmission network. A general summary of the login process is available in the synthesis manual: At level 2, technical studies are completed to evaluate connection alternatives.

The results of the study are reviewed at the same time as cost estimates and a facility project, and ISEA chooses the preferred follow-up alternative. Sending a System Access Service (SASR) request introduces a requirement for a new or modified access service to the transmission system. Before submitting a SASR, please consult the SASR and SASR guides in detail to understand the requirements. The first steps must be taken before transmitting a SASR to ISO: at level 4, the AESO file project and the TFO file project are submitted to the AUC for verification. If the applications are accepted, the AUC will grant a NID and P-L authorization for the project. At Level 3, ISES sets out the strategy for filing applications with the AUC. AESO orders TFO to close the investment facility (AI) application. The operator and AESO sign the SAS agreement. There have recently been changes in the AESO connection process. Click on the link below to learn more about the changes.

Phase 5 involves building transportation facilities and preparing energy. For questions about the types of projects listed below, please contact Customer Connections. Note: This IDENTIFIANT replaces previous business practices for link queues and „Phase 2 On Hold.“ Depending on the size and complexity of the project, it may not be necessary.

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